How to delete cookie notices with the Ninja Cookie 2021 extension

I spend so much of my day managing a web browser that I have made it a mission in life to find things that make my browsing better and more fluid. I’ve tried all kinds of productivity extensions , from tab managers to password managers and note-taking apps.

They really help my browsing experience is better and smoother. But there is a new scourge on the Internet: cookie banners and pop-ups.

I hate these things. I hate them doubly when they force me to click an option instead of just ignoring them. Sure, I know they are a response to EU regulations , and that website owners had no choice but to implement something like this, but everything related to “banners Cookies’ is terrible.

But we have to make the most of what we have.

Right now, I randomly click the banners and pop-ups. I’m not that worried about cookies, and I just want to get on with my day.

Dealing with these cookie notifications has become a tax I pay to use the Internet.

Until now.

Ninja Cookie es una extensión para Chrome, Firefox y Safari que elimina  para siempre los avisos de cookies

Enter Ninja Cookie , a browser extension used to automatically remove cookie notices by rejecting non-essential cookies.

Yes, it’s that simple.

I hadn’t realized how much time and effort I put into dealing with these pop-ups. It’s a bit of how I felt after subscribing to YouTube Premium. I just didn’t understand how much effort I was putting into skipping ads (and yes, I know I could have used an ad blocker, but I choose to support content creators).

I have tried many extensions productivity, but I am convinced that this is the best. It takes an annoying speed cap and removes it.

If you screw up a site in a bad way I haven’t seen that happen, but it could happen, there is the ability to disable it for a tab. Alternatively, there is also the ability to create custom rules , although I haven’t researched that feature yet.

In general use, it looks great. I haven’t seen a banner or cookie popup since I installed it . However, when I tried to simulate cookie banners by looking for examples, I noticed that it allowed some. I assume this is based on the block list. So, don’t be surprised to see that it allows banners on some sites.

For me, Ninja Cookie has been one of those “shoot and forget” extensions. It just works. If you cut the hassle of cookies by 50 percent I’d be happy with that. But so far, it’s been great.

The Ninja Cookie extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and there’s even one for Safari , but that extension is still in beta.

All my tests were done on Chrome, so I can’t talk about performance in other browsers, but I’m very satisfied with it.

Try it and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work for you, uninstalling it is no problem


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