How to enable two-step authentication in Skype

Why Two-Step Authentication Matters

When we want to protect a social network account, email or any login, the first thing we do is create a password. That is the most basic and elementary thing to prevent anyone from entering with our user. But sure, sometimes that password can be leaked. We can be victims of Phishing attacks that steal the key, malware such as a keylogger that collects all the keystrokes, brute force attacks …

To prevent someone from accessing the Skype account even after having stolen the password we can use the 2FA. It consists of a second step necessary to be able to authenticate. It is usually a code that we receive by SMS, for example.

In this way, if someone tries to enter with our user from another computer, they would have to enter the correct password and, in addition, fill in that second step which is the multi-factor authentication. It is, without a doubt, an extra guarantee that this Skype account will be protected.

Therefore, we can say that enable two-step authentication in Skype it is something we all must do. This function is increasingly present in the different programs and social networks that we use and also, for some time, we can enable it in the popular messaging and calling application.

Steps to activate 2FA in Skype

So how do you turn on two-step authentication in Skype? After explaining what it consists of and what its advantages are, we are going to explain what we can do to configure the account correctly and be able to use 2FA. It is very simple and we will not have to install anything additional.

Access the account

The first thing obviously is log in with our Skype account. We are going to do it from the browser. Once we have entered the corresponding data, we give you My account and it will take us to a new window with everything related to the configuration, profile, etc.

Once here you have to go to the section of Security. There we will find a window like the one we see in the image below. Different options will appear and one of them, which appears at the top right, is Two-step verification.

Activate 2-Step Verification

In this new window, the methods that we have configured to log in will appear. The password will logically appear and, also, if we have activated any additional method. In our case, what we must do, since we start from scratch, is turn on 2-step verification, so we mark that option.

Set up two-step verification in Skype

When we do that, a new window will appear as we see in the image above. There they inform us of the necessary information. We have to click Next and we will move on to the next step to configure 2FA in Skype.

Choose the type of two-step authentication

The next thing we have to do is choose the type of two-step authentication. There are several options and the truth is that not all of them are equally safe. As we see in the image, we have three alternatives: an application, an email account or a phone number.

Types of 2FA in Skype

The first option allows us to authenticate through a app that we install on the mobile. For example Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. What we do is validate a login, indicating that we are really a legitimate user who is trying to enter the account.

Another option is to use a e-mail to which they will send us a code and, the third option, a phone number where they will send us an SMS with that code that we must fill in.

Any of the three is better than nothing, but the truth is that there have been cases in which an attacker has been able to avoid the 2FA configured to receive a code by SMS. There is malware capable of recording the messages we receive, for example. It is better to use an application.

Configure the chosen option

Once we choose which two-step authentication method we want to use, we simply have to click Next. Will ask us fill in data in case of choosing to verify by e-mail or by telephone number, as well as downloading an application in case of opting for this alternative.

For example, in the case of selecting an alternative email, we will have to enter a four-digit code that is sent to that address. From there we will have verified that we are really the legitimate user of that account and two-step authentication will be activated in Skype.

You don’t have to do anything more than this. By following these steps we will have increased the security of the Skype account and thus avoid the unwanted entry of intruders that could compromise privacy and take advantage of password leaks.

Conclusions to activate 2FA in Skype

Therefore, after explaining how to enable the multi-factor authentication in Skype We can say that it is something highly recommended. We are going to significantly improve the security of the account and avoid problems that may affect us if, for example, there is a security leak on the platform itself, we have been victims of a Phishing attack or have simply guessed the password.

The 2FA you are going to add that extra layer of security so important to avoid any of these problems. In addition, we have seen that there are different options to configure it, such as the code by SMS, e-mail or the use of an application. Our advice is to use this last alternative, but any of the three will also serve to increase protection.

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