How we would like the new Maniac Mansion to be

While we are still under the influence of the return of Monkey Island Today in video games, with extraordinary work by Ron Gilbert and some of the classic names of the old Lucasfilm that participated in the first two installments, another name appears on the horizon that someone from the production company has dropped. Yes, believe it or not, we could go back to the MANSION sooner than we imagined.

A very direct hint

It has been a Twitter post that has activated all the alarms of the gamers more recalcitrant since the person responsible for uploading it has been none other than Craig Derrick, Executive Producer at Lucasfilm Games (in times also LucasArts) and, therefore, aware of how the rights are to use the mythical franchises of the software developer. Attentive to what he assured, after several messages of congratulations to Ron Gilbert for the work carried out with Return to Monkey Island: “I’m sure there will be more talk in the weeks and months to come, but for now, I’ll be waiting when it’s time to GO BACK TO THE MANSION!”

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Craig Derrick


I’m sure more will be said throughout the weeks and months ahead, but for now, I’ll be standing by when it’s time to go BACK TO THE MANSION!

September 20, 2022 • 10:35

As the classic “white and bottled…” would say, so we can expect that we will have third installment of Maniac Mansion, or maybe not? Remember that the first two games were diametrically opposed, probably because of the time that elapsed between one and the other and that it was enough to open an insurmountable technological gap, but also plotwise. In other words, trying a third installment seems unattractive and complicated, so whoever is in charge of its development could focus their narrative efforts on another moment in history. Which?

In the medium term is virtue

Ron Gilbert has played on Twitter a few times to imagine how he would work with Maniac Mansion and has launched some ideas that we should take into account. One of those moments came last July of this year when stated that he would take the original game, make a remake, would transform and update 50% of the puzzles and I would put a character never seen before. It would be, so to speak, a revision of the classic.

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David “the Talking Skull” Fox🌻


@grumpygamer Absolutely! Should only take a couple of months.

July 01, 2022 • 22:23

But seeing what happened with Monkey Island, We do not believe that the directions go that way. A new Maniac Mansion should be an intermediate delivery between the first and the second, in such a way that be able to connect the two games from 1987 and 1993 to make them plot closed. Although both play with the mansion, the crazy professor, the inhabitants of the house and the strange visitors… the connection is not clear and it would do us no harm if someone tried to close everything.

Of course, we would have several characters to control at the same time, something that is characteristic of Maniac Mansionif possible we could travel back in time with a plot that revolved exclusively around the mansion and its inhabitants and, of course, Ron Gilbert should take advantage of updating the entire graphic and musical section to adapt it to the new times, as he has done with Return to Monkey Island which is a true delight that returns to common places in the franchise without forgetting to innovate every few screens and puzzles.

Would you like a new installment of Maniac Mansion? We are anxious…

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