Hyperconvergence: Top Use Cases Winning in 2022

Adopting hyper-converged systems (HCI) has become one of the main IT trends in 2022. And as most IT managers recognize, these systems that combine computing, storage and communications capacity have obvious advantages: they are more easy to maintain and manageallow scaling very easily and integrate seamlessly with all kinds of cloud systems.

As if this were not enough, HCIs provide companies with the next great generation of storage solutions thanks to advanced features of disaster recovery, backup management or data compression and deduplication.

In fact, more and more companies are turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to improve their IT processes and operations, ease their journey to the cloud, or modernize their applications in a hybrid environment. But what are the HCI trends this year?

a recent report prepared by Pathfinder and VMwarein which technical managers from all over the world have participated, shows precisely what are the main use cases that hyperconvergence can have in your company and how it can serve as a vehicle for the integral transformation of the IT environment, both inside and outside the data center.

In this sense, by downloading “The five main cases of hyper-converged infrastructure in 2022”, you will discover how hyper-convergence can help your company to:

  • Support essential applications: HCI has received a lot of attention in recent years due to innovations supporting emerging use cases. However, since its inception, HCI has successfully supported mission-critical applications across all industries.
  • Modernize applications: HCI has continued to evolve to support, in addition to essential workloads, modern applications that are inherently integrated across private, hybrid, and public clouds.
  • Improve deployments at the edge: The edge IT environment (and its many versions, such as the near or far edge) is now a staple piece of strategy for companies of all sizes to capitalize on opportunities outside of major data centers and service regions. public cloud.
  • Develop the hybrid cloud: Hybrid cloud is arguably the most complex element of today’s IT strategies, primarily due to the difficulty of managing all the components of a typical deployment. This changes when you opt for an HCI structure.
  • Recover assets in the event of any disaster: Today’s extremely sharp focus on data is generating a number of strategic advantages for companies, which now know their customers and the markets in which they compete much better.

download the report prepared by Pathfinder and VMware and improve your data center with the help of hyperconvergence.

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