The main challenge for hospitality professionals is the digital learning curve

The lack of waiters available this summer has been the definitive push for businesses linked to restaurants and hotels to accelerate their digitization process. The simplest way to carry out this transformation lies in the integration of digital management platforms that focus on reducing costs, gaining in efficiency and, above all, on improving the customer experience.

This is a very useful decision, especially if you take into account that 36% of hoteliers say they cannot tackle digitization due to lack of knowledge or lack of qualified personnel, so there is a clear need for digital learning. According to the Digitalization of Hospitality Study, 70% of the sector is made up of freelancers and companies with less than three employees. On the other hand, 63% of hoteliers are completely unaware, or only have some idea of ​​the existing tools, but has not been reported in depth.

Although digitization in the hospitality industry is a decision that brings multiple benefits to companies, there are many that have not yet implemented it. To the ignorance of the existence of these tools or the lack of qualified personnel, we must add the difficulties that learning this type of mechanism can entail, especially for older hoteliers who have been in the sector for many years. Faced with this need, companies like Pikotea get down to work in order to facilitate the management of catering establishments.

This company is now updating its corporate identity and its software to offer a multiplatform tool that adapts to the level of digitization and the needs of all types of businesses in the sector. According to the founder and CEO of Pikotea, Guillermo González-Outón, «at Pikotea we listen to hoteliers and work hard to make our system as easy to use as possible and thus break that initial barrier, because once they try it they are completely convinced».

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Although the company’s mission is clear, the CEO of Pikotea recognizes that the challenge is to make professionals aware of the benefits that this transformation brings. It should be noted that, as pointed out by the ‘Digitalization of Hospitality Study’, less than half of hoteliers perceive digital tools as an opportunity to increase profits and improve the customer experience. Along the same lines, 35% state that they have not yet applied any digital tool, although they acknowledge that it can bring improvements to the business.

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