I haven’t used wired headphones in 10 years and these are my reasons

There are three basic peripherals for any video game fan: the keyboard, the mouse, and the headphones. These three peripherals have evolved much more than we can think at first glance. Above all, headphones, with an increasing supply, better performance and cutting-edge features. Personally, already I only use wireless headphones and the reasons have been growing.

We all have brands and products that we like more compared to other solutions on the market. Luckily, today we have a wide variety of options that adapt to all tastes and budgets.

Many times it is about sectioning everything and generating sides, when that is really not the case. The preferences of each user respond to their own experience (in many cases) and personal factors. In the end, when you feel comfortable with a brand or a type of product, it is difficult to make the move to other types of solutions.

I admit it, I have become comfortable and practical with headphones

Regarding peripherals, I have a very clear idea of ​​the keyboard, mouse and headphones I want. For many years I have only used one brand of keyboard and mouse, although I have tried many. I have the privilege of having been writing about hardware and testing different products for many years.

Above all, my taste in headphones has changed the most. I have had many and I have learned several things. The first of all, invest in some good headphonesIn the long run, it comes out cheap. Something that I have also learned is that it is the comfort that give some wireless headphones that connect via Bluetooth.

I remember the first wireless headphones I had, the Corsair Vengance 2000, the circular module. They cost me 150 euros at the time, which I was happy to pay and I loved them. Being able to get up to go to the bathroom or go to the kitchen for a drink without taking them off was fantastic. Additionally, you simply had to raise the microphone for it to automatically mute.

corsair vengeance 2000

I dropped them more than once, but absolutely nothing ever happened to them. I had them with me for five years and I was more than delighted with them.

Currently, I continue using wireless headphones, but not the models that cover the ear, but the in-ear. A change motivated by the heat in my area in summer and because I use them for the computer and the gym, as well as for walking on the street. I no longer only use them for playing, I use them for absolutely everything.

The usual thing is to use them with my cell phone, since my phone no longer has a headphone jack. If I’m going to play, I simply go to the Bluetooth on my phone and remove the connection and activate them on the laptop. I also have them paired with the TV, to avoid disturbing them at night if I want to watch a movie.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X

They are not a simple peripheral to play

Personally, I no longer consider them just another peripheral to play with. In my case, they are a solution for everything that offers me comfort and versatility. Since they include a microphone, there is no problem using it for cooperative games (as I have done many times).

I imagine that many of you will opt for ones for everyday use, such as listening to music on the go, in the gym or wherever you feel like, and then you will have some to play with. In the end, I have adopted Bluetooth headphones for absolutely everything. It is true that I am considering buying some for just the computer, but at the moment, I am in no hurry to do that. Although, I still buy them to play and they become my headphones for everything, who knows.

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