If you are looking for a MacBook, you have it with a €300 discount

When the river sounds, the water fills, and if you had in mind to acquire the MacBook Pro, you cannot miss this incredible offer from Amazon, which has a discount of more than 300 euros and that makes it one of the Apple Macs with the best value for money on the market. Stay in this article to know all the details of this offer.

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In January 2023, Apple introduced the new 16-inch MacBook pro and that was confirmation that the department of innovation and development it fell to the Apple Silicon department. This new generation, despite the fact that part of the design of the previous generation, has been updated receiving the latest and most advanced components on the market.

Its arrival has also meant an increase in prices, exceeding 3,000 euros for any of the 16-inch Pro series units. It is true that its price is expensive, but we cannot forget that it is a laptop designed for professionals, who do not mind spending a little more money if they are later going to be able to obtain a amazing performance in all its activities and, in this sense, the M2 Pro chip works like a charm.

keyboard macbook pro m2As we were saying, the new 16-inch MacBook comes loaded with hardware to offer the best performance in the most demanding tasks. The base model has the processor Apple M2 Pro, 10-core CPU or 16-core GPU. In addition, part of 16 GB of unified memory (RAM) and 512 GB of SSD storage. On the official page you can improve its configuration, but in this offer, there is no customization capacity, so you have to be very clear if this unit is going to fall short in the future, since you cannot expand the configuration of this equipment once you acquire it.

As we have said before, this MacBook Pro M2 Pro 2023 maintains the same design as previous generationTherefore, it has a 16-inch screen, which is an increase of 1.6 inches over the previous generation. In addition, the connection ports They return, so that we have plenty: HDMI, SD card reader; headphone jack, three USB Type-C ports, with Thunderbolt 4 standard and MagSafe connector.


Why should you buy it on Amazon?

We have already seen the benefits of this product and above all, how interesting it is thanks to its price, but buying on Amazon also has its advantages. Specifically, it is that shipping time, fast and free and above all, it has a very simple and uncomplicated return up to 30 days after executing the purchase.

Within Amazon, there is the possibility of finance your device through CreditLine, which is different from the Apple Store, which only offers financing with Cetelem or other companies such as El Corte Inglés, which has its own financing system. With credir Line, you can finance it for up to 12 months, with a monthly fee of 241.88 euros, a high figure, but more accessible than the original starting price.


In conclusion, if you are thinking of buying a new Apple computer and you are looking for power, a lot of autonomy and, above all, a computer that will last you many years, this MacBook Pro, in its initial configuration, is the ideal option.

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