Approval for the fifth season of Carpool Karaoke on Apple TV +

Carpool Karaoke can be defined as a series of interviews with famous people, singers, aboard a car and more than questions and answers, live performances by our favorite artists are seen. James Corden drives, a car full of cameras and an artist willing to give it his all. So we have been 4 seasons and the 5th is already planned to be broadcast on Apple TV +.

Something as “simple” as a driver in a car making our favorite artists sing and entertain us has been the true winner of the Emmy Awards in its category (Short form variety series) for three seasons. Ready to win the fourth prize and the fifth season cooking in the back. We will continue to see our select singers and laugh and sing along with them.

It is not yet known when the fifth season will be of this Carpool Karaoke series but it is already known that it will take place and will continue to have its original presenter. Corden will continue to get excited in the car. For 4 years we have seen a lot of solo artists, duos and groups go by. Mettallica, Celine Dion, but we’ve also laughed at the Arquette brothers’ childhood quips.

All seasons are available on Apple TV + under the subscription system. The normal thing is that if you have bought an Apple device (which are included in the promotion) they have given you a one-year subscription. If not, you must register and pay monthly the almost 5 euros worth a month. But remember that you have the Apple One pack that groups up to six Apple services in an easy subscription for 15 euros per month. But I think it is worth it if you use for example Apple Arcade. Music or iCloud. Of course Apple Tv + is included.

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