If you have a desktop PC… you are one of the few left in Spain

However, the statistics have changed and it is likely that what we see below will surprise you, since if you have a PC today, and especially if you use it, you are one of the few left in Spain.

There are hardly any PCs in homes

To understand this situation, it is best to see it graphically, it is the best way to observe the decrease in desktop computers that exist in Spain from 2007 to 2022. And the trend continues, although we will talk about that now.

desktop computers spain

As we can observe, In 2008, 44.6% of Spanish households had a desktop computer somewhere in the house. It was something very common, taking into account that the elderly and second or vacation homes do not usually own. This shows a percentage that almost the entire population had access to one.

In 2022, which is equivalent to only 14 years later, that figure has been reduced to 23.4%, almost half. And keep in mind that this number reflects the number of households with a desktop PC, not usage. That is, many of these people are likely to buy a laptop and have the other in the same place, but the use they give is nil. It may not even work anymore and they didn’t realize it.

All this leads us to the conclusion that, at least in Spain, the use of this equipment has been reduced to very low levels, where it seems that this trend will continue. The use of tablets, laptops and smartphones has reduced the need for a much more bulky device that offers 90% of functions that can be replaced with something more basic to these levels.

technological equipments

However, if we look at other trends, the use of laptops has been completely contrary. Going from 12% to 70%, thus managing to surpass even the best year of PCs. let’s not talk about households with at least one mobile, with about 97.5%.

Although there is something that surpasses all this, can you guess what? Very easy, televisions. With more than 98%, although this trend is suffering a significant drop year after year. It is likely that in a few years it will not be the most popular appliance in a home. It must be remembered that these percentages are based on households in which there is at least one device, that is, the total number of TVs would have dropped excessively, but there is always some left, even if it is in the living room.

And you, what devices do you have? Although I imagine that most of those who read these types of websites have most of them, however, the data from the desktop makes us think that many of you will have already retired, and if not, it is likely that once If it breaks down, don’t buy another one again. Did any of these percentages surprise you? Do you think these data are real?

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