If your downloads in Windows are very slow, this is the best trick to fix it

You may have problems downloading files from Windows. Perhaps you notice that the speed is not correct, the process is cut off or you have some kind of failure. This can be due to different reasons, but mainly it is due to problems with the connection and not taking full advantage of it. In this article we are going to give you important advice for download faster on windowsas well as other recommendations that will be very useful for this purpose.

Focus your connection on downloads

The main trick, the best advice we can give you to download faster on Windows, is center your connection in those downloads. It may happen that you have other devices connected to the Internet or even other programs that are consuming bandwidth and that will limit downloads.

The first thing you should avoid is having other computers connected to the network at that time. It does not matter if they are connected to Wi-Fi or via Ethernet cable, as in both cases they can affect the connection and cause the Internet speed to slow down. For example, if you need to download a large file from the cloud in Windows, avoid watching Netflix in high definition on the television or on another computer. The fewer things you have connected to the network, the better off you will be.

you should too avoid background programs that may be consuming bandwidth. Even a Windows update at the time you’re downloading something can noticeably affect speed. Also see streaming content, have many web pages open or programs that consume resources. Logically this will influence more or less depending on the available bandwidth.

But centering the connection is also enhance coverage. Are you connected through Wi-Fi and it doesn’t reach you well? Try using a wireless repeater, mesh system, or PLC device. These devices will help you bring connectivity to other areas and be able to download with greater power.

Other tips to download fast in Windows

Beyond concentrating the connection on the download, it is also important that you take into account other tips that can be very useful. Some small changes or adjustments that you make can help the speed improve and you may have fewer problems when downloading files or any document.

These are some key points that cannot be missed:

  • update system: Something fundamental is to always have the latest version of the system. This will help you avoid problems and be able to download faster and without interruptions. You have to apply the same to the drivers of the network card, something very important to avoid having problems.
  • Install good programs: If you’re going to download from the browser on Windows, make sure you use a good one. Avoid applications that can be a drag. It is essential to always have official software and not make mistakes.
  • keep safe: Of course, security is a basic pillar. It is necessary to have a good antivirus, such as Windows Defender or Avast itself. That will also help you improve download speed by not having malware.

Therefore, as you can see, you can optimize the speed of downloads in Windows. It is important to concentrate the connection, but also take into account other tips that we have given to avoid problems. It is necessary to have a good speed to use the cloud and the same for downloads.

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