These errors make your refrigerator spend much more light in summer

In some cases, the refrigerator can account for over 30% of the total electricity bill. It is true that not all are the same, since a device from 30 years ago is not the same as a more current one, you will always be able to take measures to save. Especially, it is key not to make mistakes that increase consumption.

Failures when using the fridge in summer

You can also make these mistakes in winter, but logically in the hot months is when more will affect consumption. You are going to see that perhaps you make some of these mistakes, even if it is unconsciously, and that can cause your bill to skyrocket if you do not take steps to avoid it.

too close to the wall

A first mistake is misplace the fridge. A clear example is putting it too close to the wall. Why is a problem? Being close to the wall (or a piece of furniture, another appliance, etc.) the heat that it gives off will bounce back and return to the fridge. That makes the air compressor have to work harder to cool the device inside.

Therefore, the ideal is that it is in an area separated from any obstacle. If you can move it a few more inches from the wall, the better. Especially in summer, the temperature is higher, the problem may be bigger, and it will cause you to consume more electricity than it really should.

Spending more light for the fridge

open the door wide

Another fairly common mistake is open the door too wide from the fridge. It happens every time you go in or take out some food. The problem is that, in the hot months, the exchange of air from the outside to the inside means that the compressor has to work at a higher power so that the temperature inside does not rise excessively.

The more you open the door, the higher the consumption. It is essential that you reduce the number of times you open the door and never leave it open more than necessary. In summer, moreover, it is more frequent that we go for fresh water, so it is more important to take this literally and not open it for longer than necessary.

Near a window or door

On the other hand, if you have the refrigerator near a window or a door, it could affect consumption. In this case, the problem is that it could enter direct sunlight or heat from outside. The idea is to have it in cool areas, where it does not receive sunlight that can heat the device, and better maintain the temperature.

This will allow energy consumption to be lower and not cause an increase in the electricity bill. All of this can help you spend less and have more control each month, especially in the hottest months.

As you can see, you may be making some mistakes in your fridge these summer months. It is key that you take into account the importance of maintaining a good temperature and not making mistakes that could affect the fridge and increase the cost of the bill. Just by following some cases, you can achieve it. If you have a domotized device, it is important to avoid problems with the Wi-Fi network.

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