iFixit already has the video of the disassembly and analysis of the new MacBook Pro

A few days ago we were waiting like rain in May for the new iFixit video on the disassembly of the new MacBook Pro and it has finally arrived. We already have it with us and we can reaffirm that the repairability of this new device has greatly improved. For example, the battery is not trapped under the logic board. What’s more there is more space that favors the dissipation of heat but also the inclusion of parts that makes it easier to access.

We already know that iFixit landed a preliminary report on the interior of the new MacBook Pros. It contemplated that the notebooks include some improvements in the repairability, such as that the battery does not get trapped under the logic board and the tabs of traction to remove the battery more easily. Now iFixit has revealed its full teardown results, including an official repairability score.

In the video. We see first hand how removing the battery, removing the trackpad, removing the logic board, redesigning the display cable, removing the fan, removing the speaker, and removing the screen is easier never, although there are still many difficult aspects.

Removing the logic board is easier than older models. However, teardown shows a number of other challenges to repairability, such as pentalobe screws, difficulty opening the case, and the ability to replace the screen without losing True Tone and no replacement options for Touch ID without losing functionality. Overall, iFixit gave the new MacBook Pro a repairability score of 4/10. But it is that in the previous models, the score was at the minimum. A 1/10.

It seems that even inside and repair on these new models has improved. Wherever you look, this is good news.

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