Impossibly cheaper, set up your home theater with these projectors from 70 euros

We have the possibility of playing these multimedia contents in the form of video directly on our Smart TV. However, one of the most important features offered by the projectors we are referring to here is the large format screen that they are capable of providing. Hence, when setting up a home cinema, many opt for the use of this type of device, which has also come a long way over time.

Only a few years ago, projectors were unaffordable products for most due to their high price. However, right now we can find some products of this type at a really affordable cost and thus enjoy our movies and series at home in the best way. In these same lines we are going to show you some interesting examples. Among the most important sections to take into account here, it is worth highlighting its sizethe brightness that they propose to us and the resolution default they are able to provide.

From there we should also monitor their connectivity so that they adapt to what we need. For example, we can opt for this Yersida A30C smart mini projector to set up our home theater. It is worth mentioning that it is a small device with support for playing video content at 1080P, that is, Full HD.

Home theater projectors at incredible prices

Sure it will also attract attention shows that we can get it right now for less than 70 euro. On the other hand, and for just over 90 euros, we can also opt for this other model that also offers us Full HD resolution and a 3000-lumen lamp.

polarizing projector

If we want to go one step further but also at an affordable price for the majority, this is a model that may interest you. Its about Prixton Picasso that offers us a Full HD resolution and a large lamp with a light power of 9000 lumens. For a price of less than 180 euros at the moment we will get a screen of up to 210 inches.

In turn, this device has 2 ports HDMI and we have the possibility of using memory cards. It’s also interesting to know that this projector includes its own 100-inch fabric screen.

And finally, we also want to mention this other projector to set up your home theater that you can receive right now for less than 100 euros.

It is a small model that offers us a 720p resolution. Also mention that it has a contrast ratio of 8000:1, and although it has HDMI connectivity, we can also use it wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. All this means that we can have a device with these characteristics to have a home theater for not too high prices.

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