Improve Router Reach: Remove Obstacles or Relocate?

Improving the scope of the router can be very complicated, especially because, once we have installed it, moving it may be unfeasible, unless we are willing to redo the installation of our Internet connection, and obviously we consult with our supplier. It is not always profitable, so we must meditate it carefully.

However, there are times when the opposite can happen, especially in those cases where we have enough cable and we can easily remove the fasteners to move the router around the room in which it is located. Obviously, if we need to take it to another room very far away, or located on a higher floor, the thing is enormously complicated and we return to the case of the first paragraph.

Changing the site can improve the reach of the router, this does not support discussion, but we must bear in mind that this can also be counterproductive, since if we carry out a change that is too extreme we may be creating dead zones in other corners of our home or office. Therefore, we must think carefully about what we want to do, and consider other simpler options, even if they involve a financial outlay, such as repeaters or PLC devices.

How to Improve Router Range: Obstacles and Moving Site

There are certain obstacles that can greatly affect within reach of our router, and certain positions that are certainly not ideal if we want it to be able to carry the Wi-Fi signal as far as possible. When we find ourselves in these cases, something as simple as removing obstacles or moving the router slightly can make a significant difference. For reference, I leave you some examples:

  • Large mirrors that are close to the router.
  • Large bodies of water that obstruct the signal.
  • Sources of interference.
  • Other natural blockers (metal, plasterboard, etc.).

Change the position of the router, and place it in an elevated area free of obstacles, can improve the range of the Wi-Fi signal, but we must be clear that this won’t work miracles, since the particularities of the room to which we want to take the signal will also influence. On the other hand, if the router already has an acceptable placement and there are no obstacles nearby, moving it can do very little for us.

In most cases, it is not worth changing the location of the router if it involves major complications, or considerable expense. Ideally, when we are aware that we are not going to improve the range of the router with an easier change of position, it is to resort to a repeater or a PLC, or a PLC with Wi-Fi repeating functions. They will save us headaches, and if we decide to make changes in our home or office we will only have to change the plug.

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