In addition to being beautiful, with this Xbox gamepad you support a good cause

Microsoft has always been known for giving users the chance to take home a fully customized version of their controllers, both in terms of colors, textures and materials, making it possible to transform our passion for video games into a kind of vindication of our tastes. Now, Microsoft has gone a step further.

Positive impact on the environment

As you know, in recent years a frantic race has begun to stop any activity that causes a negative impact on the environment and, if possible, that doing so implies an obvious benefit both in terms of material emissions into the atmosphere , as in what refers to reuse of natural resources. Now, the goal of many companies is to support this circular economy that it manufactures, uses and recovers for recycling and re-manufacturing.

So on the occasion of Earth Day to be celebrated on April 22, Saturday, Microsoft has put a new gamepad on the market for its Xbox consoles – and PC – that meets these requirements of having been manufactured, in part, with recycled materials that have belonged to other products that already had a previous life on the market and in stores.

The result is a very nice gamepad, with some very colorful green tones and attractive and that alternates other matching tones such as the blue on the back, that vanilla touch on the sides, a chlorophyll green on the triggers, the D-pad and the USB-C connector area, and a cover for the piles that is satisfied with a gray to match the whole set.

New lives for the same materials

This Xbox controller “Earth Day” edition, according to Microsoft, It has been made with a third of recycled materials that come from other Xbox One controls that have been reused, although there are also elements that have been part of CD (Compact Disc) and headlights. As if that were not enough, this model already comes standard with a USB-C cable and a rechargeable battery that will allow us to forget about those AA batteries.

This Xbox controller, called Remix Special Edition, You can reserve it now on the official Microsoft website and it is priced at 84.99 euros. Yes, too expensive but it is a special celebration and it adds that package recharging cable and official battery, which is usually an extra cost and which for this occasion seems justified if we take into account the initiative to which you want to join.

If you book it right now, this Xbox Remix Special Edition wireless controller will arrive at your home on April 18, exactly four days before that Earth Day celebration in which we all try to contribute our grain of sand by claiming those recycling practices that help to consume less and less natural resources in pursuit of an economy that revolves around recycling and the reuse. Don’t you think it’s a good cause to support?

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