Installing Windows 11 on an incompatible PC is a very bad idea

With the upcoming release of Windows 11, you may be itching to install the new OS on your machine. Beware, however, forcing the installation on an incompatible PC can create a lot of problems.

Windows 11 will be released in the next few days, October 5, 2021. Microsoft’s new system is loaded with small new features, such as a redesigned design, compatibility with Android applications and multitasking improvements. Unfortunately, the very strict eligibility conditions will prevent many computers from taking advantage of this new OS. And installing Windows 11 against Microsoft’s advice is all a bad idea.

More updates for incompatible machines

You may have read “tips” on the web that tell you how to install Windows 11 on a machine, even if it is declared to be incompatible. The manipulation is to create a boot disk with an ISO image of Windows 11, in order to bypass the limitations of the update tool built into Windows 10.

Officially, Microsoft does not prevent this manipulation, but strongly advises against it. As a reporter from The Verge noted, if you attempt to install the system on an incompatible machine, the installer will notify you that your machine ” will no longer be supported and no longer eligible for updates “, simply.

Stay on Windows 10

This means that if you install Windows 11 on your ineligible machine, don’t expect to receive automatic updates afterwards. New features will not be deployed to your machine, just like security updates. Installing Windows 11 on an incompatible machine is like turning it into Emmental, from a security point of view. To make matters worse, the drivers will no longer be updated either, raising the risk of a possible hardware incompatibility.

The dreaded Windows 11 incompatibility message // Source: Screenshot

On top of that, if you change your mind and want to switch back to Windows 10 after upgrading, you’ll need to act fast. Microsoft will allow 10 days to go back, but beyond this time it will be necessary to carry out a complete reinstallation of Windows. Most of the time, this is accompanied by data loss.

Microsoft’s strategy is therefore very aggressive, but forcing the installation of Windows 11 may cause more problems than anything else. If you want to save yourself some headaches, staying on Windows 10 seems like a better solution. It is expected that the system will receive security updates until 2025. Alternatively, you can also try Linux, without touching your Windows installation.

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