Intel on Demand, the new payment system that CPUs will incorporate

Can you imagine having to pay to unlock certain features of the CPU what do we buy? The company Intel intends to do so with the launch of its new system Software Defined Silicon (SDSi). Thus, it breaks into the market with force Intel OnDemand.

However, on January 10, 2023, this option will be presented on servers with Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, not on the desktop. This fourth generation, called Sapphire Rapids, it will require a price payment to activate the integrated accelerators. The arrival of Intel On Demand is brought about by the merger of its SDSi controller with Linux 5.18. This name is easier to remember, as well as clarifying what its true function is.

In order to access Intel OnDemand customers will have to replace their processing units with others that suit the needs of each user. Using a metaphor, it would be like the downloadable content (DLC) of a game in which they will not make you pay for gaining updates. Whoever needs improvements in their CPU will have to pay an amount for them through the platform Intel Upgrade Service.

The new Sapphire Rapids CPUs feature numerous accelerators such as DLB, DSA, QAT, IAA either AMX, which means high performance. In spite of everything, to know all the details we will have to wait a few weeks, since the new CPUs will arrive in January, although the controller Intel OnDemand in Linux it will be integrated next December.

What modifications does Intel On Demand present?

  • It allows learn about built-in features and functions on a specific CPU model.
  • It allows enable disabled features from the hands of the administrators themselves, previously analyzing the frequency of use of these before proceeding to activate them.
  • It allows identify controller and the featuresbut the file names remain.
  • Do the attribute cleanup preventing files from being displayed when they have incompatible features.
  • Provides a support for a new GUID (Used to identify the disposition of the records).
  • Incorporates support for reading certificates On Demand in sysfs.
  • translates to changes to the tool to support discovery and reading of On Demand records.

And its advantages?

The arrival of Intel On Demand will give better benefits to users who opt for it:

  • Security updates. with extensions Intel SoftwareGuard.
  • Communication and storage. through the tools Intel Quick Assist, Intel Dynamic Load Blanker and Intel Data Streaming Accelerator.
  • Analysis package. With Intel In-Memory Analytics Accelerator and Intel Data Streaming Accelerator.

The technology market can take a 360 degree turn if the model becomes a trend Intel OnDemand which means creating a payment mentality in professional processors. Not only is it enough to pay several thousand euros for a CPU, but we will also be charged extra to acquire new functions. If this were to reach home processors it would be unattainable for consumers.

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