Without “them and them” or “all and all”: They prohibit school books with inclusive language

School texts that have phrases like “Them and them” or “All and all” will be banned for being considered as a “Abusive splitting” to the use of gender language, a situation that caused controversy among those who seek to incorporate inclusive and non-exclusive words into the language.

The prohibition of such books will take place in Andalusia, Spain. The first indications of the decision were due to ESO book of Geography and History which included in his account of the Catholic Monarchs the words “Jew and Jew” instead of putting the genders together as “Jews”, as reported by the Spanish newspaper ABC.

Junma Moreno is the ruler of Andalusia and is made up of the Popular Party and Citizens right-leaning. The Andalusian government will stop the phrases cited inside school textbooks, but leaving for consideration those phrases that merit depending on the subject matter.

The Andalusian government regulations cite to carry out its decision: “The use of an equitable language, using genetic terms that maintain neutrality, avoiding abusive duplications”.

Vox seeks to sanction officials who use inclusive language

The reaction of both the left opposition bloc and those who seek the inclusion of language it’s outrageous.

“The idea is that discrimination suffered by certain groups it must be eradicated through equality policies; an essential part of these is precisely the transformation of communication patterns to ensure that these are inclusive, “said Fundeú, a foundation sponsored by EFE and the Royal Spanish Academy.

The right-wing party Vox proposed sanction officials that use inclusive language formulas for not making correct use of the current grammar norm. If approved, the measure would take place in Murcia.

Juan José Liarte, a member of Vox, assured that “the language that they insist on calling inclusive it should be called manipulative and revolutionary“Because it is used” to shape society. ” And he specified that: “It is as if you say that you feel like a dog and that you have the right for others to call you a dog and treat you like a dog.”

No date has yet been defined for the decision of the Andalusian government to come into force.

With information from ABC and El País.


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