IoT and 5G: Security and Agility for the Edge [Webinar]

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way businesses operate and extract value from connected devices at the edge of the network. However, this new paradigm is not without challenges and companies that want properly exploit the potential of the edge they face:

  • Lack of control and quality in wireless connectivity.
  • Insecure connections in the IoT environment, which can put the entire organization at risk.
  • Poor management of connected devices.

“IoT and 5G: Security and Agility for the Edge” is a webinar in which, the next November 14thCradlepoint experts will analyze in depth how companies can respond to these challenges and present innovative solutions to ensure the efficiency, reliability and security of IoT environments.

Throughout it they will address critical issues, such as the protection of sensitive data, asset management, scalability and connectivity optimization. Through case studies and practical examples they will also offer deep insight into how to address these challenges and apply effective strategies. Do not miss it!

Practical Information

  • That: Webinar: “IoT and 5G: more security and agility at the edge”
  • Participants: Francisco Rivero (Regional Sales Manager Iberia Cradlepoint), Daniel Morro (Presales Engineer Cradlepoint), Rodolfo de Juana (MCPRO Editorial Coordinator)
  • Date: November 14th
  • Schedule 11.00 – 12.00

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