iPhone 15 is compatible with Android game controllers, no need for an adapter

The iPhone 15s are equipped with a USB-C port. Every day we see more and more the advantages that this change brings to users, in terms of choice and functionality.

Credit: Backbone

That’s it, the iPhone 15s are official, and presales start today. For all of you who have decided to take the plunge, there is lots of reasons to rejoice. The most remarkable novelty, however, is, at first glance, nothing spectacular: from this 2023 vintage, iPhones connect via USB-C. A new world of possibilities opens up to users of the Apple brand’s terminals.

We thus see that this transition towards the universal connector is popular with Apple accessories specialists. Backbone, for example, is a site specializing in the manufacture and sale of mobile gaming accessories such as the Backbone One, which transforms your smartphone into a real portable console. According to company representatives, accessories with a USB-C port are already compatible with the new iPhones.

Connecting your iPhone 15 to an external display is easier than ever

On the site, Backbone specifies: “for new customers, all USB-C products from Backbone now offer universal compatibility with all USB-C phones, including Android and iPhone 15 devices. For existing customers, your Backbone USB-C product will automatically receive an update via the app Backbone.” The procedure to make USB-C accessories compatible with iPhones will still require applying the update through the Backbone application on Android.

This phenomenon does not stop with the controllers offered by Backbone. Strangely enough, Apple does not openly advertise it, but the company specifies it in small letters in the product sheet of the iPhone 15: “support for video mirroring and Video output up to 4K HDR via native DisplayPort output over USB-C “. It is therefore possible to connect iPhone 15 to an external display. No need for a specific cable or adapter, which is a real benefit for consumers. In the future, we should see that iPhones will support an ever-expanding range of compatible accessories.

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