Is your Google app crashing? You are not alone

It seems that a major blackout is affecting Google services on June 22, 2021. Many Android phone users cannot access the company’s search engine. A shame.

If you can’t access Google from your Android phone this Tuesday, June 22, know that you are not alone. A bug seems to make access to the search engine quite random, at least on smartphones running under the OS with the little green robot.

As many tweets attest this morning, the Google Android app seems to crash unexpectedly for many users. Unable to search or navigate within the app, a pop-up is displayed each time indicating that ” Google has stopped working ” or ” systematically stops ” in the worst case.

The pop-up that appears this morning on Android // Source: screenshot

The failure doesn’t seem to affect everyone, and we failed to reproduce the error in our testing. However, the DownDetector site shows an increase in connection problems since June 22 at around 6 a.m.

The curve on DownDetector

How to fix the problem?

It seems that this problem is due to a faulty update of the application which was pushed yesterday and which causes this famous bug on some Android mobiles. To correct the situation, you can uninstall the updates from the Google app simply:

  • Appointment in the Play Store app (Google’s app store)
  • Press on your profile picture at the top right
  • Then click on Manage apps and device then on the tab Manage
  • Then search your google app and click on Uninstall

Google will not disappear from your phone, but will simply go back to its factory configuration, before the faulty update. Hopefully Google fixes the problem quickly.

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