Le Cordon Bleu Corporate is born, which will connect the kitchen and the company on many levels

The Le Cordon Bleu Madrid haute cuisine school presented, a few days ago, Le Cordon Bleu Corporate, a new menu of services designed for professionals and companies. This line was born to respond to current needs and the challenges posed by the hospitality sector in the short and medium term, strengthening the gastronomy as a strategic agent of change and business growth.

Le Cordon Bleu has spent more than a decade training thousands of professionals at its Madrid headquarters in the Francisco de Vitoria University, with a training offer focused on technical specialization programs for professionals and cooking classes for amateurs. From now on, the headquarters will also offer companies and professionals with experience in the trade tailor-made training, designed to grow culinary and business, developing their gastronomic proposals to the fullest.

In addition, Le Cordon Bleu Corporate will aim bring haute cuisine closer to professionals and companies from other sectors, offering both their teams and their clients new leisure and training experiences that allow them to meet the new needs of the market.

A long-term project

Within the Le Cordon Bleu Corporate offer, the school will include gastronomic experiencesLike the team building and workshops for companies, inviting you to enjoy the advantages of an environment that naturally leads to teamwork and organization, where cooking is used as a tool to enhance interpersonal relationships and new skills. Tailor-made activities are considered as another way of development, through the design of experiences that interconnect the gastronomic world with other different disciplines, such as fashion, art or sport.

The professional solutions for the sector will allow the creation of specialized programs designed according to the needs of each gastronomic proposal. Thanks to the consulting service, those interested will be able to count on a 360˚ vision and the response of an expert team to grow their business and achieve a more competitive position in the market. In addition, improvement courses are also open to the specialized public, oriented towards innovation, team building or the strengthening of specific business areas.

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Finally, Le Cordon Bleu Corporate offers the possibility of having some of the rooms of the school and the University for the conducting research, testing products and holding gastronomic events in a setting of haute cuisine equipped to suit the needs of the sector.

For Rosario Barrios, “Le Cordon Bleu Corporate begins a new phase of the educational project, with which the School will be able to meet the professional demand of many colleagues in the sector who want to continue specializing their teams and making our hospitality sector a sector with greater value. In addition, this new line is also born with the vocation of connecting the kitchen with professionals from other sectors, to continue generating value and betting on the kitchen as a living cultural legacy”.

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