Learn how to sync Chrome between Apple devices

sync Chrome between Apple devices

Although Chrome is a browser that we usually associate directly with Android phones, it is true that there are Apple users who prefer this open browser instead of using Safari. And due to this preference, the need may arise to synchronize Chrome between Apple devices, to be able to share favorites and web pages between our different devices.

Do you know how to sync Chrome between Apple devices? If the answer is a resounding NO, we advise you to continue reading this post.

Chrome on iOS: A contradiction?

We know that among iOS users the most popular browser is Safari, which is the one installed by default and which, being Apple’s own development, has greater integration with our operating system.

Safari is a great browser and we have talked about it in several articles here at SoydeMac, but it is true that it is far from perfect and this is when it is not enough to be the option that comes pre-installed on the phone.

This fact can help it be the main browser for the users of your operating system (and if not tell Microsoft during the browser race against Netscape), but with the number of competitors there are it is very likely that there will be a notable number of users who want to use Google Chrome as their main browser on their iPhone.

The reasons to use Chrome on iOS

Chrome is a cross-platform browser

Chrome is especially useful for those users who do not have everything from Apple: You can have an Android Tablet and a Windows computer, but have all your internet activity synchronized using this browser.

The integration with Google services It can be another basis for using Chrome as a browser alternative, since it makes it easier to access Google applications from any device. And in the business environment, where there are clients who decide to use Google Workspaces for collaborative work and the office suite, it can be a great reason to switch from using Safari.

But the main reason that we believe may be the main reason to use the Mountain View browser and synchronize Chrome between Apple devices is precisely its cross-platform nature.

Chrome has proven to be a very solid browser that works very well on any computer. And what people are looking for is comfort and simplicity when browsing, so if they are users of Chrome in its computer version, they probably trust the mobile version as well.

And this happens especially with the most inexperienced users, who end up associating the Chrome logo with the Internet directly, discarding the rest of the browsers simply because it is the main browser they use on a daily basis.

How to sync Chrome between Apple devices

chrome for iphone

Obviously, to synchronize Chrome between Apple devices (such as your iPad, your Macbook and an iPhone), you will have to have it previously installed on all the devices you want to have the browser synchronized. To do this, download and install Google Chrome from the AppStore itself.

Google Chrome (AppStore Link)

As you probably guess, syncing Google Chrome requires using cloud services. Specifically, to do so you must use your Google account by following the following steps:

  • Once you have it installed, to synchronize everything you need Sign in from Google account.
  • Tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access the login screen and log in using your Gmail email and whatever password you have.
  • Once you’re signed in, go to Chrome settings by tapping the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner and then selecting Setting.
  • Enter your personal profile to access the synchronization settings and there activate the option Chrome Sync
  • In this section you can customize the specific categories that you want to synchronize, such as History, bookmarks, settings or saved passwords that you have in your browser, among other available options.

An extra to keep in mind: sync more things than the browser using your Google account

If you are a user who also uses other Google services such as Google Photos, Drive, Keep or even Google’s own search app, you can use the same Gmail account to synchronize these applications between your devices. This can be especially useful for streamline the management of different devices and to have the bases of everything on the different devices you have.

However, remember that Gmail account storage is shared between different applications and email. So if you store an excess of photos you could have problems receiving emails due to a saturated tray, or an inability to save documents in the cloud.

The usefulness of synchronizing Chrome with other devices: a personal reflection

Chrome is used to synchronize with iOS

Throughout the time I have been using phones, I have gone through different operating systems: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, HarmonyOS…and since it came out, Chrome has probably been the app that I have used the most to date due to the integration that made it Migrating from one phone to another is much easier.

And although now I have stopped using it for a year because I have evaluated other options (specifically, Brave Browser for having a great ad blocking policy)is still present in my equipment, although it is relegated to more occasional use.

If your user profile tends to be rather restless, one who changes devices frequently or, for example, as is my case, you have a personal phone and a business phone with different operating systems and you browse interchangeably with both… don’t complicate things, It is the best option by far.

Without a doubt, for users who are not married to any manufacturer or operating system, and who also do not want to pay for basic cloud services, we believe that synchronizing Chrome between their Apple devices can be an extra capacity that will make them, if they already In case you liked your iPhone, you can get a plus that will make it more useful.

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