LG’s new 48-inch OLED and its siblings are cheaper than ever

acknowledge it. We are practically a month away from the start of the World Cup and you are nervous thinking how you could sell your partner that you need a new Smart TV. One with better image quality, even larger than the 37-inch one that you have still been using for almost a decade and, if possible, with applications to watch series, movies, documentaries and streaming sports. What yes?

Almost 50 inches of OLED technology

The fact is that Amazon has been dropping prices quite a bit for a few days in some categories and products in what it has come to call “Exclusive offers”, and that they are offering us more than interesting surprises, so this one that we bring you is one more to add to the cart. And as we told you, with the World Cup about to start, it is certain that many soccer fans are going to opt to renew their TVs with a model like this one, which belongs to the 2022 range of Koreans.

If you want to get hold of her right now, take advantage because its price is below one thousand euros, specifically 959, which is 40 less than its estimated RRP within the Amazon page itself. This discount is 4% less than, you could consider that it is not much, but with that difference it gives you a dinner with your partner as compensation for that infinite understanding shown by your partner when accepting that you change, that way Suddenly, the decoration of the living room.

very smart model

This LG OLED48C24LA has a 48-inch screen, 4K 120Hz resolution with more than 33 million points self-luminous and compatible with HDR, HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10 Pro, HDR HLG and HDR HGiG formats. In the sound part it is not lame either because it can reproduce audio with Dolby Atmos quality to enjoy a total immersive experience.

As for connectors, it does not fall short either. neither more nor less than four HDMI supporting 4K@120Hz, eARC, VRR and ALLM as dictated by the HDMI 2.1 specs, full-power 4K a9 Gen 5 processor with AI, complete color and tone accuracy, and pixel-by-pixel color and brightness control that allows you to even identify moving objects within the scene and adjust the sound to simulate 7.1.2 surround audio.


Another advantage of this LG Smart TV is the presence of webOS 22, one of the best operating systems on the market that not only offers compatibility with the most popular streaming applications (Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Prime Video, DAZN, Twitch, etc.), but we can control it through voice commands that we give it within assistants such as Alexa, Google or Siri (supports HomeKit).

And if it was not enough, this model is designed for gamersnot only because of the visual modes of the screen that squeeze the image quality of our 4K consoles, but also because of the presence of VRR (120Hz) or cloud gaming with GeForce Now and Stadia apps (although it has little life left) .

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