Problems with PlayStation Plus renewal? This is what’s going on

As you know, Sony has turned its monthly subscription system inside PlayStation and soon we will have new modalities who seek to emulate Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, adding a huge number of video games and mixing everything with the old PlayStation Plus to enjoy dozens and dozens of titles online with multiplayer. Now some users are complaining that they cannot renew their services because the Japanese have blocked it. What’s going on?

You will not be able to accumulate renewals

This change in the subscription modalities that we will have soon brings a problem and it is while there are users who have recently renewed their PlayStation Plus for a year, others, however, will be left without it just at the gates of its implementation. In the case of the former, they are assured of assistance and adaptation to the most similar plan that exists, but the latter they are finding that they cannot take those 12 months again… because Sony prevents it.

Specifically, those who enter the website to renew PlayStation Plus cannot complete the purchase process and if they have purchased a code through a card in a store, they will verify that it is not exchanged and, therefore, they cannot add 12 more months. to your subscription. Obviously, complaints and requests for Sony to come out and give explanations have not been slow to appear. But the truth is that it is a very simple decision: there will be no more renewals until new plans arrive in each territory.

PS Plus Black Friday

From the Japanese support service they have been very clear with some users, who have received responses of the type “due to the upcoming changes in the PS plus subscription, PS Plus build is currently unavailable as we have removed the ability to do so”, or “I can only advise you to wait until your current subscription ends and then use your code. The extension/accumulation is no longer available.” So it’s time to wait. That leads us to the fact that in Spain we will have to do it until June 22, 2022 to start renewing those subscriptions that we already had from time ago, choosing that plan that best suits what we need. And as we explained to you a few weeks ago, there will be three: Essential, Extra and Premium.

Sony avoids the picaresque

Although we can always watch with reticent eyes the movements of the company, Sony is guarding against those little loopholes legal to which we gamers usually cling when it comes to accumulating subscriptions or finding offers that reduce the final price of what we enjoy. And surely many had seen in this accumulation of PlayStation Plus purchases an option to obtain a better plan (of the new ones) for a significantly cheaper cost. Something like the Xbox Game Pass at the price of Gold.

Be that as it may, if you are in the process of running out of your annual PlayStation Plus on these dates, remember that you will not be able to extend it with a code so do not be tempted to buy one online that you see especially priced. Because the same could be left without that year of subscription to the service and, in addition, without the money.

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