Loki will also do his thing in Fortnite: it arrives in July

Loki fully enters the Fortnite universe

Epic has announced that Loki is coming to Fortnite, the god of deception and also brother of Thor will be available as a playable character next July. This means that you can choose him to fight with the rest of the players and that surely draws your attention as a Marvel fan, especially now that the character himself enjoys an extra popularity due to the recent series that has premiered on Disney + and how much he is not doing to enjoy with his first three episodes.

However, if you are a fan of Marvel in general and the god of deception himself in particular, you should know that in order to get hold of him it will not be enough to have the battle pass or complete some missions or challenges as has happened previously. Here you will have to choose yes or yes for Fortnite Crew.

What is Fortnite Crew or Fortnite Club

If you are not very into the world of Fortnite, you probably have no idea what all this is about Fortnite Crew or Club Fortnite. Although it is really very easy to explain as it could be summarized in a set of exclusive advantages that cannot be achieved otherwise unless you pay for it.

That is, among the common elements with, for example, the battle pass is access to all the content available for the current season or also some turkeys to be able to obtain items available in the store. Of course, the most important thing and what gives it extra value as many are tempted to pay is the exclusive content.

Thanks to Fortnite Crew it is how you can have access to a set of news that there will be no way to get them through other traditional channels of the title. An example is this skin or playable character of Loki. As much as the players who buy the battle pass want it, much less those who play without paying, you can get this Loki character. Not now, not later.

Therefore, to obtain all these advantages you will have to register as a user to the Fortnite Club. Something that you can do from the game’s website or from the battle pass screen once the game is running.

The price to belong to this club is 11.99 euros per month. And although this July it is clear that Loki will be the protagonist, in the next few occasions it can be anyone else. And you have to remember that those skins, characters, etc., can only be found through this Fortnite Club. There will be no other option.

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