Main differences between Frontend and Backend programming

Contrary to what happened just a few years ago, almost any user can now enter the world of software programming. For this we find a multitude of platforms and applications that will be of great help to us. In these lines we want to focus on two terms that you have surely heard on more than one occasion in this type of environment, Frontend and Backend.

As we mentioned just a few years ago, everything related to the programming sector was limited to a few professionals and technicians. However, technology has advanced considerably, as most of you have seen. This is something that is extended to all types of environments both hardware What software.

In this way, more and more users are opting to launch themselves to design their own projects to create applications of all kinds. Specific programs for desktop environments, apps for mobiles, games for these platforms, etc. on many occasions the professionals of the programming They end up working in large companies as part of large-scale projects where they contribute their grain of sand.

But with everything and with them and we have started to investigate about some types of programming in which we can enter, surely we have come across these terms. Specifically, we refer to programming focused on the Frontend or the Backend. That is why we are going to show you the main differences between the two.

Where Frontend development is headed

Well, for those of you who have ever wondered what the difference is between these two types of programming or software development, let’s clear it up. To begin with when we refer to the Frontend, we are actually talking about the fact that we will focus on the part of a program that a user can access directly. For example, in the creation of a web it is the part of the draft that interacts with users directly.

Therefore, we could say that it is the part of the design and development that is responsible for making interactivity possible with users as such. Programming languages ​​like HTML and CSS come into play here, which are sure to be more than familiar. Likewise, in this section we could include JavaScript, a programming language to define the logic of the project in many aspects.

Differences from Backend

In development environments like the ones we are talking about right now, you may have also heard of the term Backend. Well, to give you an idea, in this case we refer to the data access layer of a software. In short, this is the part of development that is not accessible by users.

Here you work with the internal logic of the projects in order to effectively manage that data. In addition, everything related to the Backend section accesses the remote server to extract the information it needs at all times. Among the most common programming languages ​​here we find Python, PHP, Ruby or Node.js, among others. Therefore, as it is easy to see, the difference between both types of programming is evident, it only remains to make a decision where each user wants to go.

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