Marvel’s Spider-Man: this mod on PC allows you to embody Stan Lee and the other characters of the game

Just days after the release of the PC port of Marvel’s Spider-Man, mods are already swarming the web. While some of them content themselves with modifying the graphic aspect or the gameplay of the game, others realize the dream of any comic book fan: embody Stan Lee fighting crime in the heart of New York.

spiderman pc mod stan lee

Who says PC game often says mod, and Sony’s recent ports of its PlayStation titles are no exception to the rule. We were able to see this in particular with God of War and its armada of mods which can improve the graphics as well as simply remove Kratos’ beard. So we expected Marvel’s Spider-Man to get the same treatment, and We were not disappointed.

Here again, we find the traditional graphic mods, which can sometimes completely change the look of the game by drawing inspiration from cinema visuals or by transforming it outright into black and white. But the funniest are probably those that allow players toembody another character. If Marvel’s Spider-Man offers a wide variety of costumes for the spider-man, the mods complete the panoply by adding… Stan Lee. Among others.

Replace Spider-Man with Stan Lee, Miles Morales or Wilson Fisk

Indeed (mini-spoiler straight ahead), as in all Marvel productions until his death, Stan Lee does appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man as a waiter, in a scene where Peter and Mary-Jane meet to discuss their relationship. In other words, a model of the iconic comic book creator exists in the game, and modders were quick to use it in their own way.

On the same subject: Spider-Man is now the most expensive comics in the world, in front of Batman and Superman!

Thanks to the mod from the developer Robin, it is therefore possible to propel yourself between the buildings of New York and fight local criminals as Stan Lee. In the same vein, other mods also allow replacing Spider-Man with Miles Morales, Peter Parker himself (even with his lab outfit) or even Wilson Fisk. In short, there is still a little fun for all those who have already completed the game on PS4 or PS5.

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