MCPRO Pills (CVIII): Cyberwar in Ukraine, Oracle Technology Summit, Toshiba

For a week now, the war has been bleeding Ukraine dry on the battlefield, also intensifying in the cyber realm. Groups of cybercriminals and hacktivists from around the world have been facing each other for some time in a much quieter conflict, one might even think that it was bloodless, but it is beginning to affect the critical infrastructures of both the bomb-stricken Ukraine and a Russia that is also not except… so we kick off this week’s MCPRO Pills by reviewing what’s happening in what is arguably one of the biggest cyber wars in history.

On a much friendlier front, we tell you that the Oracle Technoly Summit will be held in a few days, an event that those who want to learn how to extract the maximum possible value from their data cannot miss. Also very topical is the crisis that is currently affecting Toshiba, with a CEO who has just resigned by refusing to sign the partition of the company. Let’s start!

Cyberwar Ukraine-Russia: the digital fronts

The incursion of the Russian army into Ukrainian territory, at the end of last week, marked the beginning of a warlike conflict (including cyberwar) that had already been announced for weeks before, but that we have not yet finished assimilating. Since then, and as usual, the focus has been on the physical plane, with projectile launches, Russian troops tightening the siege of Kiev. Cyberwar however is also growing in intensity.

Oracle Technology Summit: Data as the engine of your business agility

Over the past 18 months, IT leaders around the world have focused on the critical value of the cloud to business and how the cloud can radically transform businesses.

In this space, technology companies such as Oracle have been able to offer organizations everything they need to improve their competitiveness. To show the value and scope that the cloud can have in this transformation, Oracle organizes its «Oracle Technology Summit» on March 17 in Madrid

Surprise at Toshiba: its CEO resigns as opposition to the company’s division grows

The situation at Toshiba, far from calming down, seems to be getting complicated at times: its CEO has resigned, catching everyone by surprise. Satoshi Tsunakawa, who has announced his departure from the post in the face of growing internal opposition to the company’s restructuring plans, which include his division.

Machine Learning: five platforms on which to train your next model

Improving the way machines understand and interact with us, discover new medical treatments or develop algorithms that allow companies to make better business decisions. These are just some of the possibilities that data scientists are currently exploiting, using machine learning techniques. And these are the best platforms to take the first step.

How to defend your company from ransomware? Find out with Cohesity

Ransomware is one of the top cybersecurity threats around the world. His attacks not only grow in scope and intensity. They also do it in number. So much so that in 2021 there was a ransomware attack in the world every 11 seconds. And the pace keeps growing. Also, at the same time, these attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Above all, in the system that they use as an entry vector to begin the deployment of the attack, which ranges from phishing to remote access attempts or the exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Process mining: an ally for your digital transformation?

In recent years, process mining has become part of a growing number of digital transformation processes. And it is normal, because we are talking about a technology that has several advantages that are applied after analyzing all the variables that are part of a business process.

Gonzalo Fernández Guadaño (Funds People Director): “Business intelligence tools helped us generate an optimized commercial portfolio, based on data”

FundsPeople is one of the reference communities for collective investment and asset management professionals located in southern Europe and is aimed primarily at fund management and distribution professionals, institutional investors and private banking professionals.

In its digital transformation process, the company placed itself in the hands of Nuvix, with the declared objective of making use of all those digital tools that would allow it to develop exponential growth both in Spain and in Italy and Portugal. For this, a new strategic plan was carried out based on 3 pillars: new brand positioning, technology, digital marketing and talent. We have had the opportunity to talk about this process with Gonzalo Fernández Guadaño, director of Funds People.

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