Microsoft Teams already offers end-to-end encryption

The Redmond giant continues to work to introduce important improvements in Microsoft Teams, and this time it was the turn of the end-to-end encryption, a feature that is already available on that platform, and that applies to calls that we do, although in a somewhat limited way, because at the moment it does not work with group calls.

Why is it so important that end-to-end encryption has reached Microsoft Teams calls? Well, very simple, because add a layer of security when we use said platform by encrypting the communications that are made at both ends, that is, between the two people participating in the call. As these communications are encrypted, it is impossible to access their content.

The end-to-end encryption function was already available in Microsoft Teams, but it was limited to chat functions, so now, with its integration in calls, it is possible to improve the security offered by this platform. It’s a step in the right direction on Microsoft’s part, and benefits all professional profiles that they use this application in their day to day.

However, by introducing end-to-end encryption, Microsoft has warned that, if we activate it, we will lose some functions that, for certain companies and professionals, can end up being very important. Among the functions that will not be available are recording, transcription, real-time subtitles, call transfer and hold and the option to add participants to a call, since as we said it is not compatible with group calls.

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To know if we have end-to-end encryption activated, we will only have to look if the corresponding icon appears in the Microsoft Teams window, a shield with a padlock. In addition to this, both parties will be able to view a 20-digit security code as an additional measure of protection. If all goes well, Microsoft should extend support for this technology to group calls.

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