Mom cold-bloodedly murders her 5-month-old baby, what led her to stab her?

A mother of Hispanic origin murdered her 5 month old baby in cold blood old in an apartment complex in southern New Jersey, United States. The 26-year-old woman was charged with the girl’s murder that occurred inside her home in Penns Grove.

The infanticide was identified as Kristhie alcazar who at the time prior to his arrest I was fighting with another person while the body of the baby less than 6 months old was lying with the wounds received, local authorities reported.

Penns Grove Police responded to a 911 call, a “horrible disturbance” from the Penns Grove Gardens complex around 11:00 PM on Friday. The report was related to a riot, according to the Salem County Attorney’s Office.

According to the police report, the baby had stab wounds to the chest and his death was declared a homicide, prosecutors said. Due to the secrecy of the investigations, the name of the baby has not been revealed.

The girl’s father was not at home

The secrecy of the baby’s murder remains strong, so the motive for the stabbing was not revealed, it was only reported that there were no other injuries in the incident and the investigations are still ongoing.

Likewise, the authorities have not said with whom Alcazar was arguing or what caused the dispute, but they did say that the girl’s father was not at home when the stabbing occurred.

Kristhie Alcazar was arrested on charges of the murder of her daughter and it is unknown if the woman hired a lawyer to defend her.

With information from AP and NY Post.


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