Moments from the Star Wars comics that shocked fans

Officially, we are talking about the Star Wars Expanded Universe, which Disney “rebooted” shortly before the premiere of the Force awakens in 2015. For the comics part, of course, entrusted the task to Marvel, of course.

But throughout the comics’ journey, they left us “unforgettable” moments like these.

Gungans go zombies

Jar Jar Binks is probably the most hated character in the series, a lack of affection that extends to his entire species of Gungans. So much so that in Star wars republic number 51 have a pretty dire fate.

The separatists they annihilate the species with a chemical weapon and, after the massacre, they turn into some kind of zombies. We will not go into whether that is deserved or not.

Han Solo has a secret wife

The reboot that Marvel has given to the comics is not without plot lines, let’s say, curious.

One of the most incredible is, without a doubt, that Han Solo was married. At Star wars number 6 of the new stage, a woman named Sana Starros appears claiming to be his wife. In fact, she introduces herself as Sana Solo.

As the action of the new Marvel comics unfolds on the time horizon of the first trilogy, this doesn’t sit well with Leia, obviously.

In the end, to the relief of the fans, who have had enough with the destruction they did to Han’s character in the film. Only, it was all a montage between the two of them during a “job” in common of Han and Sana Starros.

Darh Vader is much more powerful and dangerous than you imagine

The comic of the new batch that, probably, has been more iconic, has undoubtedly been the Serie Vader: Knocked Down.

If it sounds like the movie to you Black Hawk: Downed, You are not misguided.

A Darth Vader who is looking for Luke (after learning that he is his son), crashes on a planet after a scuffle with several rebel fighters, to which calmly dispatch despite being vastly outnumbered. That yes, until Luke himself crashes his ship against him.

Leia, informed that Vader is alone and without allies, and furious at the destruction of her planet, amass an enormous rebel force to finish him off at once.

The problem is that Vader is Vader and it does not matter if he is alone.

He resists every attack, every fight and every trap and dispatches everything that comes his way, until, finally, an imperial fleet appears that stops the massive assault against him.

In the end, everything can be summed up in this panel of the comic.

Downed Vader outlined in a panel

The final fireworks: an archaeologist named Indiana Jones discovers … The Millennium Falcon

On Star wars tales Number 19, Han Solo and Chewie find their way to the Earth system. But the Millennium Falcon crashes in the jungle, Han dies of a crush and Chewie lives wandering and being mistaken for him. Bigfoot.

Meanwhile, Han’s corpse and the remains of the ship are discovered by an intrepid archaeologist named… Indiana Jones.

In the end, it was not considered an official canon, but we leave you the moment to taste it …

Indiana Jones meets Han Solo

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