MOON Voice 22: these are the first speakers that Moon launches on the market

Simaudio has presented the first MOON loudspeakers. The launch of the new MOON Voice 22 allows, for the first time, to have a 100% MOON sound system. With these new loudspeakers Simaudio achieves its goal of offering sound equipment created exclusively with its devices, being able to guarantee the purity of reproduction that has always characterized the brand.

Having built its name on a foundation of multi-award winning amplification products, DACs and Streamers, the Canadian hi-fi manufacturer has poured over forty years of audio design experience into creating the bookshelf speakers MOON Voice 22. Is it so Made with premium materials and equipped with industry leading technologies. For those who don’t know, Simaudio is the manufacturer behind the renowned Canadian high end audio brand MOON. Let’s take a look at what these new speakers have to offer.

MOON Voice 22: ideal to accompany the rest of the brand’s devices

With the MOON Voice 22, the manufacturer seeks to offer its renowned sound signature, which it applies to its amplifiers, DACs and other equipment, in the purest way. MOON’s sound is characterized by a rich, wide and natural sound stage which, as we mentioned, has been highly valued by the public and experts. The wide scene offers plenty of space allowing every detail to flourish while the bass expands powerful and clean. Of course, the manufacturer defines the Voice 22 as the perfect match for the MOON amplifiers.

The MOON Voice 22 is a shelf model and can be placed either on any solid surface, thanks to its integrated Hover Base, or on its specific stand. Hover Base design offers stability while reducing vibration, as well as giving the speaker an attractive floating aesthetic. For its part, the optional support has a safety base and provides a dynamic and modern aesthetic. Whether they are placed on supports or on any surface, the MOON Voice 22 have a finish that fits with multiple decorations.

The premium design The casing has a modern aesthetic with a classic touch that recalls the Genesis range that Simaudio worked on in 1980. The drivers are equipped with elegant baffles and machined bezels to complete the elegant design. The MOON Voice 22 are available in two of the most common speaker finishes: black and white, both High Gloss. And both include magnetic grids of cloth

MOON Voice 22 speakers finished

As you can see in the images, the MOON Voice 22 have a 2-way design, with a 155mm woofer and a 29mm soft dome tweeter. The latter employs a saturation-controlled motor system for less distortion and a non-reflective rear chamber with optimized damping for better dynamics. The mechanical structure works without the typical faceplate and is built into a custom waveguide, allowing for a wider frequency range and lower crossover frequency.

MOON says that the Voice 22 offer revealing upper midrange and natural-sounding openness and clarity. According to the data sheet, the result of this combination is a declared frequency response of 55Hz – 24kHz (±3dB) and 45Hz – 30kHz (-6dB) with a declared sensitivity of 89dB (2.83V/1m).

As we mentioned, the MOON Voice 22 speakers have specific supports optional, made of powdercoated stainless steel and matte black finish that perfectly complements the aesthetics of the speakers. The speakers have a concave part in the base that allows them to be placed on the stand safely and easily.

The MOON Voice 22 will soon be available in Spain and Portugal from their official distributor, Sound&Pixel Planet. Its price will be €3,000. On the other hand, the supports MOON Voice 22 Stands will have an official price of 480 euros.

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