Muteking the Dancing Hero: the video clip of the theme song of the anime

The official website of Muteking the Dancing Hero, reboot of the anime Muteking, has released a new promotional video for the series which will soon debut on Japanese TV.

It is a real music video clip containing the song “Jasmine” of the virtual artist Aurora to which he lends his voice Rinne Yoshida, famous Japanese rapper and idol.

Aurora “sings” the theme song of Muteking the Dancing Hero with the voice of Rinne Yoshida

The anime, which will arrive next October 2nd on Osaka TV And Aichi TV, to be broadcast the next day on Tokyo MX And BS NTV, is produced by Tatsunoko Production (who had already signed the original anime) with Utomaru (THINKR) who is working on the original character design.

The protagonist of the story is Linn, a twelve-year-old American boy who, in the role of the hero Muteking, collaborates with Takoro, a sort of alien pink octopus. Takoro has landed in San Francisco with the aim of capturing the notorious gang of the octopus, a group of criminals formed by four octopuses from his home planet.

Hiroshi Sasagawa (Tondemo Senshi Muteking) is the executive director of the anime while Ryousuke Takahashi (Cyborg 009) is the head of the management. Yuuzou Satou (CGI director for Flowers of Evil, C – Control – The Money and Soul of Possibility) is the director at Tatsunoko with Yūji Kondōu (Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File, The Snack World) will oversee the script. Masafumi Sato (Denki-Gai director) will be the assistant and will be the battle dance director, while Takamitsu Shimazaki (Hakushon Daimaō 2020) e Takeshi Masuda (theme song arrangement for Psychic Squad, Snow White with the Red Hair) are composing the music.

Producers of the series will be Tatsunoko Productions And Tezuka Productions.

Muteking texture

The protagonist is Takoro, a pink octopus-like alien from a distant planet called Tako. Takoro is the deputy sheriff of the local police who is chasing a group of dangerous intergalactic criminals, four black octopuses who call themselves the Octopus Brothers. During its pursuit, the medium of the black octopuses crashes to Earth and so does poor Takoro: the spaceship crashes in America, to be precise in San Francisco, in the house of a weird inventor and his family.

Here Takoro explains who he is and the reason for his mission: he will not leave Earth until he has captured the Octopus Brothers and brought them back in chains to his planet. Takoro has an idea: to get help from young Linn, a 12-year-old boy, in his mission. Thanks to a special beam that only Takoro can emit, Linn in the blink of an eye transforms into Muteking, an extraordinary intergalactic warrior who fights on a pair of roller skates and who manages to destroy the plans of conquest that the Piovra brothers have towards the planet Earth and its inhabitants.


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