Pixar: on video the places that inspired the films (yes, even Luca)

Luca, the new feature film by Disney Pixar, has become a global success thanks also to the (real) places that inspired the story told in the film and that form the backdrop to the funny film… and that, now, are besieged by tourists from all over the world.

Few people know, however, that most Pixar films are set in places that really exist or that, at least, have served as a source of inspiration for the adventures we’ve all come to know in the 35 years since the animation studio was founded.

That’s why, on the official YouTube channel of the studio, a video appeared in these hours in which we can discover, and admire, all the places that inspired Pixar movies.

The places that inspired Pixar movies

Give her Paradise waterfalls of Up to the mountain range of Radiator Springs in Cars, obviously passing through the village of Monterosso, in Liguria, of Luca (where two underwater statues dedicated to the film were also recently installed), here is the video that reveals all the locations that inspired the directors at Pixar for their unforgettable feature films:

Below, however, you can admire a gallery from our official Facebook page, with all the Ligurian locations used as inspiration for Luca’s creation:

Red, the new animated film starring a girl transformed into a red panda, of which we have recently been able to admire a first trailer, will soon be added to the long list of titles in Pixar’s curriculum.

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