N26 and Bolt partner to save customers money on their trips

Bolt and the online bank, N26, have reached an agreement that will allow users of the former to obtain a return of up to €40 on his travels by opening an account at N26. In this way, companies want to promote interurban mobility, making it more affordable and easy.

To qualify for this discount, customers simply have to open a new N26 bank account from the Bolt page and link your Mastercard debit card.

About the deal, Mykhailo Kudla, Global Director of Marketing at Bolt commented that: “Our mission at Bolt is to accelerate the transition to shared mobility. We are very pleased to announce this collaboration with N26 as it offers our customers the opportunity to explore alternatives to car ownership while saving money.”

For his part, Daniele Coda, Global Business Director at N26 has highlighted that: “Our main goal at N26 is to offer customers flexibility when carrying out their daily transactions, while Bolt offers them the opportunity to reach their destination in the fastest and most convenient way. It is about giving our users a great offer that will allow them to save time and money in their daily lives, reducing the complications associated with urban mobility”.

The agreement entered into force on June 1 and is available at Spain, France, Germany, Portugal and Poland.

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Current N26 customers in Spain, Germany, France, Italy can also participate in the campaign. “N26 You” account holders can get a 5% cashback (up to €4) and “N26 Metal” account holders 10% (up to €8.50) when activating the offer in the N26 app (up to on July 31 of this year).

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