NASA: Rover Perseverance sends new photos of Mars in high definition

After several weeks without operating, the exploration rover Marciana Perseverance has sent to NASA a batch of new images which show some areas of the red planet in high definition. And it is that the activity had been suspended because the radio connection between Earth and Mars was paralyzed while the red planet was next opposite of the Sun.

It was on October 25 that the link was reestablished and dozens of photographs were transmitted again: both panoramic views of the Jezero crater and the Sun itself. During the blackout, the rover was able to continue its chemical analysis of a Martian rock.

How did the rover manage to operate without connection to NASA?

During that period it was parked between two rocky outcrops and continued to operate on automatic pilot; In addition, he recorded with his cameras how the wind moved the dust and managed to capture a curious image of a stone isolated between dunes. In the foreground of the photograph you can see the tire tracks left by the vehicle itself.

According to the information by NASA, Most of the photos were taken on October 23 with the SkyCam device, a camera located on the upper deck of the Perseverance and oriented towards the sky; Also, the mast navigation cameras continued to record the Martian landscapes.

What is the Perseverance rover doing on Mars?

The Perseverance rover landed on Mars together with NASA’s Ingenuity autonomous helicopter, both of which will develop different experiments. The rover, for example, has to search for signs of ancient microbial life, collect and store Martian regoliths. For this task he also collects data on the geology and climate of the red planet.

The Ingenuity, for its part, will make flights to know how an aircraft behaves inside Mars, so that this data is sent to earth and aircraft capable of flying inside the planet are developed in the case of a human exploration.


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