New rumors about an Apple Watch “G-SHOCK”

I have always been fascinated by Casio brand watches. Ever since I had the first one with a calculator, in high school, I have always worn one of those Japanese watches on my wrist. Either an Edifice to wear, or a G-SHOCK to play sports. Until one fine day Tim Cook appeared in one of his keynotes a few years ago and taught us the Apple watch.

But the point is that I still use a G-SHOCK at a very specific time of the week: When I do a sauna session in the gym. Apple recommends not exposing an Apple Watch to the high ambient temperatures of a sauna, so I always leave it in the locker, and for that little time I put on my Casio G-SHOCK. But this may change next year and retire the Japanese for good …

Mark Gurman just posted Apple’s intentions for next year’s Apple Watch on his Bloomberg blog. Account that the company will release an update of the Apple Watch SE and a new Apple Watch like the Casio G-SHOCK, for extreme sports.

Explain that next to the next series 8 of the Apple Watch, it will also renew the current Apple Watch SE. Apple does not typically update its “SE” devices, such as the iPhone SE, every year. Given that Apple didn’t make an update this year, a new model can presumably be expected by 2022.

An Apple Watch in the line of the Casio G-SHOCK

And it seems that in Cupertino they are also planning a completely new Apple Watch model aimed at sports athletes. It would be a robust “Sport” version of the Apple Watch with enhanced durability. The new Apple Watch with a design «Extreme»Which can have a housing that is more resistant to scratches, dents, drops, bumps, etc.

It is true that today in the market there are many covers to be placed on the Apple Watch and make it more resistant, with a more extreme sports aesthetic, but the truth is that they are only simple covers to place on the Apple Watch, not one designed and manufactured to withstand extreme environments, as if it were a real Casio G-SHOCK. We will see.

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