“Nobody loves me!”: The heartbreaking lament of a 6-year-old boy hours before his father murdered him

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes I was only six years old when died brutally at the hands of his own father and stepmother. For weeks the little one was severely mistreated and tortured physically and psychologically until one day they beat him so much that he no longer resisted.

Hours before being killed, the boy cried and screamed in his room that no one loved him, as shown by a video that was recorded by the security cameras of his bedroom and which was presented this Wednesday, November 23, during the trial of his father, Thomas Hughes, and his stepmother, Emma Tustin, who are being tried in the Coventry Crown Court.

The video was recorded on 1June 6, 2020 in West Midlands, England, hours before the child was murdered, and lasts just over two minutes. This one shows little Arthur lChasing to pick up her blanket and pillow from the floor, since they forced him to sleep there as a punishment.

Then he is seen walking with effort from one side to the other, since at the appear to be limping. He is heard screaming at least four times “‘Nobody loves me” and others saying “no one is going to feed me”. The video is heartbreaking and caused a stir in social networks, because no one can conceive how it is that someone could be able to cause so much pain to a child.

He was a victim of mistreatment and torture

According to the Daily Mail, the court heard the audios and videos captured hours before the brutal murder of Arthur at the hands of his father. The authorities determined that the child suffered an insurmountable brain injury after being the victim of cruel treatment that could already be considered “child torture”.

It was made a documentary that the little one, just six years old he was isolated for several days in his room, I had to sleep on the floor just with a duvet and pillow, they forced him to standing for more than 14 hours, was exposed to prolonged periods without receiving any food, but at the same time they gave him food with too much salt, which can poison those who consume it in large quantities.

The heartbreaking video of a Arthur weak, malnourished and injured in his room It was recorded hours before his father hit him so hard against a flat surface that he hurt his head. The boy was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and was put on life support, but died in the early morning of June 17, 2020.

According to Thomas’s brother, the boy’s father, the man had already spoken before disposing of the boy. that he had even sent him audios explaining how he would do it. To date, both Arthur’s father and Emma, ​​his partner, continue to deny having killed or tortured him. The little victim lived with her dad because her mom, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, was incarcerated for killing her partner in February 2019.


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