Nuclear plant on THE MOON ?: NASA launches ambitious plan to conquer space

The future is around the corner and The NASA wants to rush to get there. The United States space agency announced that in collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy they will develop a projector to install a nuclear power plant on the moon.

The NASA He assured that this reactor that he intends to build is to sustain permanent human life on the Moon for future missions and to establish an energy source that does not depend on the Sun, since that has certain limitations.

“Providing a reliable, high-powered system on the Moon is a vital step in human space exploration, and achieving it is within our grasp,” he said. Sebastian corbisiero, leader of the Surface Fission Energy Project, the nuclear reactor would serve to accelerate missions to travel to Mars, as it would provide abundant and sustained energy regardless of environmental conditions.

There is no concrete plan yet

Rather NASA opened a kind of call for scientists and experts to send proposals, but yes, it indicates that the reactor has to be constituted on Earth and then sent to the Moon, it is also expected to have the following characteristics:

  • A uranium-fueled core
  • A system to convert nuclear energy into usable energy
  • A thermal management system to keep the reactor cool
  • A distribution system that provides no less than 40 kilowatts of continuous electrical energy enough for 10 years in the lunar environment.

The NASA exposed that the system can be turned on and turn off without human help, all from a lander. All of this must fit inside a cylinder 4 meters in diameter and 6 meters long and weigh no more than 6 thousand kilograms. Apparently it seems to be a somewhat complicated task to perform.

The NASA has the mission “Artemis” as the next step towards the long-term goal of establishing a sustainable presence on the Moon and in the satellite orbit ,? and lay the groundwork for private companies to secure a lunar economy and eventually send humans to Mars.


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