Nuclias Connect facilitates the installation of WiFi networks in companies

Installing and deploying a large pool of WiFi networks is not always easy, especially in corporate environments where access to quality wireless connectivity can be a key factor in maintaining the productivity and even the competitiveness of the company.

To facilitate this process, so that technical staff and IT administrators have it easier, the manufacturer of network equipment D-Link, has presented its application Nuclias Connect, that allows installing the network profile configuration file (with technical parameters such as SSID, password, captive portal for access, roaming, RF channels, VLANs, etc.) in multiple professional WiFi access points to unify them in the same network .

This is especially interesting in facilities such as hotels, large shopping centers, schools or in any environment that needs to deploy numerous access points, since it offers great flexibility for the installer, thus avoiding having to manually configure each point of access. access.

Available for both iOS and Android, Nuclias Connect, on the other hand, can provision these points in bulk and add them to the network in a unified way. Later this network is managed more easily through its own web platform.

In installations that do not require unifying the Wireless network because they are small environments with only one or two access points, the Nuclias Connect app also has an option to configure them in Standalone mode and after creating the network profile in the first access point, copy it to the second access point and subsequent ones, if necessary. To show how the application works and how easy it is to configure new access points, from D-Link they share the following video that we encourage you to consult.

Nuclias Connect is free and can manage a wide portfolio of D-Link indoor and outdoor PoE Access Points, in addition to already having several Wi-Fi 6 models, in 2 × 2 and 4 × 4 antenna configurations, with up to 3,600 Mbps of speed and 2.5G ports to take full advantage of the capacity of the new 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) protocol.

In addition, it is possible to manage the network remotely from a web server that hosts the Nuclias Connect software or to install the low-cost Wireless controller D-Link DNH-100, which carries the preloaded software, avoiding the need to dedicate a computer as a console. Wi-Fi network control

Learn more about D-Link Nuclias Connect and download the software here.

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