Nvidia, closer to investing in the European Union

Invest in the European Union it is increasingly attractive to large technology companies dedicated to hardware. Intel was one of the first to announce the construction of new chip manufacturing plants, first in Germany, then in Italy and a few weeks ago in Poland. And there are several who look favorably on the possibility of establishing one or more plants or laboratories in the territory of the EU, partly because of the subsidies announced by the government of the European Union to attract them. One of them is Nvidia, whose CEO, Jensen Huanghas already stated that it is «extremely likely» that the company invests in Europe.

Nvidia, which is currently the world’s most valued chipmaker, has ensured that the European Commissioner Thierry Breton has commented that «Nvidia should invest a lot more in Europe, and that Europe is going to be a wonderful place to develop the future of Nvidia.«.

According to Bloomberg, Breton made these statements in the framework of a meeting he held last Friday with Huang, as part of the talks that the commissioner is holding on content moderation and Artificial Intelligence with some of the world’s leading technology companies.

After meeting with Breton, Huang assured that he will explore the possibility of investing in Europe, noting that “the reason for doing it is that Nvidia wants to be a global international company, and what better place to do it. Who could imagine a better place to invest?» The negotiations with the EU authorities, yes, it seems that they have just begun, since Breton has invited Huang to continue with their talks next month in Brussels.

These negotiations to attract investment from technology companies in Europe, especially those related to the development and manufacturing of semiconductors, come within a framework in which both the European Union and the United States, Japan and India are trying to attract top-tier technology companies to his territory. To do this, their governments have prepared various reserves of funds for grants, with a total value that exceeds 100,000 million dollars. In this way they seek to attract technology such as Intel, TSMC and Micron Technology.

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