NVIDIA Unveils New Developer Tools

Just yesterday we saw the announcement of NVIDIA Omniverse for video game developers, and we tell you all its news in this article. Today, taking advantage of the GDC 2022 scenario, the green giant has presented new tools that are also designed for video game developers, and that promise make their life so much easier.

We started with Streamline, an open source, cross-IHV framework that simplifies integration of multiple super resolution technologies and other graphic effects in games and applications. With Streamline, developers can add multiple super resolution technologies to their games by encoding once, saving significant time and effort. It also allows us to add NVIDIA Real-time Denoiser (NRD).

NVIDIA Streamline features unique integration with a plug-and-play framework. It sits between the game and the rendering API and abstracts SDK-specific API calls into an easy-to-use Streamline framework. Instead of manually integrating each SDK, developers will be able to identify what resources (motion vectors, depth, etc.) are required by target Streamline plugins, and then set where they want the plugins to run in the graphics pipeline.

It is now available, and supports NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA). Coming soon, you will receive support for NVIDIA Image Scaling (NIS). Streamline supports DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, Vulkan support is currently in beta.

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We now jump to NVIDIA Kickstart RT, a tool that simplifies the job of adding real-time ray tracing to game engines. This technology allows to generate reflections, shadows, ambient occlusion and global illumination with an image quality impossible to achieve under raster, and much more realistic. Kickstarter RT is now available.

GeForce NOW Cloud Playtest is another interesting solution as it allows try games from anywhere in the world. With a network of over 30 data centers and 80 countries, it’s powered by GeForce NOW and uses the power of the cloud to bring GeForce PC gaming to any device. This extended infrastructure provides a platform to make it much easier for studios and publishers to test their projects.

Finally, the company also announced major updates development kits for NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination, RTX Direct Illumination, Reflex, Real-time Denoisers, NVIDIA Insight, and NVIDIA Virtual Reality Capture and Reply. More information on the official NVIDIA website.


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