Offer: Amazon Echo Dot Pack with Philips bulbs with a discount!

Echo dot (4th Gen) and Philips bulbs, perfect match

At this point we are not telling you anything new if we talk about the advantages of having an Echo at home. Amazon’s smart speaker is one of the teams with smart assistant popular out there, a fame that has earned thanks to its good performance and its compatibility with all types of devices.

Within the family, one of the best-selling models is the Dot. Its size is very small, which allows it to be placed practically anywhere, and its price is very attractive, making it the cheapest speaker in the range. If to this we add a pair of Philips Hue -the smart bulbs par excellence-, you will have the perfect pack to release the benefits of Alexa, your voice assistant, at home.

In this way, in addition to using the 4th generation Echo Dot as a point of reference for whatever you want (you can ask from the weather to the news of the day through information about an actor), it can be your perfect ally to control the bulbs of home (in addition to other compatible equipment, of course), enjoying two Hue Whites with warm white light that you can turn on with the command of “Alexa, turn on the desktop.”

Speaker offer with Philips Hue

Does the proposal convince you? Well, his thing is that you take advantage of the offer of the 4th generation Echo Dot (the most recent one launched by Amazon) together with the two Philips Hue bulbs that there are now, so that you will take the pack at a much better cost than if you would buy it for separated.

And what price are we talking about? Well, at a cost of 66.98 euros, instead of the 89.94 euros that it would cost without a discount. The reduction it is therefore 25%.

If the proposal convinces you, the steps to follow are very simple: access the link on these lines and put the pack in your shopping cart before the offer flies. Keep in mind, yes, that the stock will not be available until September 15, so you will have to wait a couple of weeks for Amazon (in charge of selling and shipping the product) to send it to your home. You’re already taking

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