One of the playable phenomena of 2023 is within range on PC

If you remember, at the beginning of the year Microsoft had announced a live event to show what it is working on and that it would serve to know the final release dates of certain exclusives for which Xbox users and, also, PC users sigh. But far from being clear about that (especially with Starfield), in the end we had to settle for a musical title that has captivated locals and strangers.

The surprise of 2023

appeared practically out of nowhere Hi Fi Rusha Bethesda Softworks title from which it sprouted in each of its pixels a nice reminder of how seemingly easy it is to create a different product, with innovative ideas and that serves what video games have always served: to entertain. From minute one, you have had that game on Xbox Game Pass so why would we want to buy it?

Well, today many of us have that great Microsoft flat rate, but no one knows what will happen in the future, especially for those with PCs and an already established library of releases on Steam. So if you are one of those who cares today about feeding that library At the Valve store, we bring you a really good offer that interests you the same.

And it is that in Fanatical we have the two editions of this wonder of Hi Fi Rush at a discount more than interesting and for a limited time, so we leave it below for you to take advantage of it. This is:

Grab the guitar and run

The development of Hi Fi Rush It’s simple because it’s a musical arcade in which we not only have to demonstrate our skill by jumping on platforms or attacking enemies, but also the basis of all our movements ends up forming the soundtrack history music. An idea as original as it is well embodied thanks to a graphic environment reminiscent of comics and that if we are looking for a reference in another video game we must remember the superb Sunset Overdrive of Insomniac, the study that has ended up in the hands of Sony developing the franchise of spider-man.

Let’s hope Bethesda doesn’t stay with this anecdote from the first game and explore the way to bring us new Hi Fi Rush in the future. Given the secrecy with which he led the development of this first installment, who knows if he has something else hidden up his sleeve and ready to go next year. The fans, without a doubt, were going to thank him and, likewise, even forgive him for the more than evident delay that seems that he is going to suffer that Starfield which still hasn’t arrived.

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