OpenText presents effective SaaS ITOM solutions in its new European data center

OpenTexta Canadian software company that offers computerized solutions for large entities, has presented its new range of ITOM SaaS solutions to which all those clients who opt to join their new Europe data center.

The objective of the company is none other than consolidate its customer base and the demand for geographical spacesFor this reason, it now wants to dominate the European Union (EU) market with a new set of software solutions. Recently, Open Text has been named Leader in IDP Vendor Matrix and Infosource Global Capture 2023.

However, all these new improvements will strictly comply with the requirements set out in the regulated cloud and the level of protection of personal data of the EU, as confirmed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, the OpenText Data Center in the EU EI is staffed by the European Union to ensure data sovereignty.

In the words of Gonzalo Usandizaga, ITOM GTM leader in OpenText, “the new service in the EU, which complies with local regulations, demonstrates the company’s commitment to the cloud.” And it is that without this high level of security and data sovereignty, business customers in Europe could not accelerate their transition to the cloud.

The innovative software solutions it presents OpenText ITOM are based on the OPTIC platform, which uses artificial intelligence to make IT more efficient and perform. This will give customers a faster and more agile path to OpenText solutions.

The new range of solutions

The first great advance that OpenText presents is the Service Management Automation X (SMAX)an advanced, simplified and truly affordable ITSM solution that allows you to modernize service management, increase IT agility and keep risks and costs under control.

For his part, Operations Bridge will use automation and AI to offer an AIOps solution that improves both performance and productivity, in addition to offering automated resource monitoring and correction of any type of anomaly that may arise.

They also deserve special mention HCMX FinOps Expresswhich optimizes cloud costs and reduces spend, as well as Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX)which is presented as an efficient solution for provisioning and cost control in the cloud.

On the other hand, Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB They are characterized by offering a hybrid IT configuration management solution, capable of managing IT configurations. Network Operations Management (NOM) offers OPTIC Data Lake troubleshooting, dashboards and reports, while Data Center Automation is responsible for automating IT compliance and vulnerability risk management. In addition, Asset Management X (AMX) it will be another powerful new next-generation IT asset management (ITAM) software solution, working across hardware, software and portfolio assets.

exponential growth

OpenText allows itself to offer these new software solutions to its clients thanks to the acquisition of new alliances with companies such as those established with SaaS Micro Focus.

At the beginning of last February we learned about the purchase of the British company Micro Focus by $5.8 billion, with which OpenText managed to reduce the teams of the combined entity by 8% and work on the construction of the new digital fabrics of the future. However, this news also came hand in hand with a series of layoffs translated into some 400 million dollars.

OpenText, with 14,800 employees, obtained in 2022 a collection of 3,500 million dollars. Since its founding in 1991, it has remained firm in its position as an integrated information management platform for leading companies. This led him to undertake previous purchases such as that of GXS for just over a million euros (adding B2B and cloud-based fax services to your products) or ZIX (acquired in 2021 for $860 million).

Regarding the price of its shares, it is estimated that has fallen by around 26% over the last year, after recording a valuation in February 2022 of $60. However, the incorporation of this new series of software solutions will boost the valuation of the company among users and entities around the world.

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