Opera GX presents ‘Fake My History’: in case you die with a history full of “inappropriate things”

Opera GX has announced Fake My History, or fake my history, a quirky new feature that will “replace your questionable browsing history with a blank slate after you die.” That’s how they present it, yes. Just in case you thought my headline is very exaggerated.

“Continue browsing as you normally would; stumble upon your thousandth cat video, dive headfirst into rabbit hole conspiracy theory, and yes, enjoy some occasional X-rated content too,” the official Fake My History note added, in case anyone missed it. has been wanting more.

“But after 14 consecutive days of inactivity, Opera GX will make a reasonable assumption: that you’ve fallen into a bottomless pit, been hit on the head with a turtle shell, or chose to punish yourself by switching to another browser,” they continue, letting themselves go. detour to define what this novelty consists of, which can be activated or deactivated at will, of course.

Indeed, the function that Fake My History brings to Opera GX is to review the user’s history, once 14 days have passed without using the browser. And while the first quote referenced a “blank slate,” the record isn’t actually wiped clean, instead it’s replaced with “a completely fictional, but surprisingly likable version.”

Opera GX Fake My History

As they explain it, they put things like online searches for “local volunteer opportunities,” “free online courses for personal growth,” “how to boost voting in my community,” “how to build a birdhouse,” and nonsense for the style, so that in the event someone accesses your history, they only find a kumbaya vibe that makes them feel guilty for looking, or sad for losing you.

Are you an Opera GX user and want to try Fake My History without letting time pass or disable the feature? In both cases you have an option for it: for the first, “Pretend I’m Already Dead”, but keep in mind that you lose your history; in the second, disable Fake My History.

Undoubtedly, it is a total nonsense, but there it is in case any browser user is interested (it could have been approached differently and cover more than history, all the data stored by the browser). It is not known if it will come to the new Opera One, but everything is possible.

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