Pay less than half on Netflix just by making this change in your account

Right now we have the possibility to choose between several of these online platforms to enjoy videos on demand in the form of movies, series and documentaries. Many of these have exclusive content that requires a subscription to enjoy them. That is why some pay for several of these Internet services and thus have several billboards at your disposal. But of course, the biggest drawback that we find here is the price that we will have to pay monthly or annually.

Perhaps one of the most popular options in this case is Netflix, one of the best-known video-on-demand platforms around the globe. We find several subscription models that at this time we could not call precisely as cheap. In fact, the cost of the subscription in this case has risen over time, a trend that may repeat itself in the future.

Precisely for all this, many of those who have been using this platform for a long time are beginning to consider changing to another proposal. However, before carrying out this movement we should take into account that we have the possibility of reducing the cost of our subscription to less than half. This is something we can achieve with a simple change we could make to our billalthough yes, we would lose some privileges.

Reduce the price of your Netflix subscription by 10 euros

But with everything and with it we must bear in mind that we could go from paying 17.99 euros to 7.99, which makes a considerable difference. In this way we could continue to enjoy the contents of this proposal and pay 10 euros less per month, which means 120 a year. Well, for all this that we tell you, we only have to access the configuration of our Netflix account. For example, we achieve this through this link that we access from our favorite web browser.

Here we will see first hand, in the event that we are paying 17.99 euros, that we are subscribed to the Netflix premium plan. Therefore, at that moment all we have to do is switch to a basic subscription in order to save the 10 euros per month that we mentioned before. It is worth mentioning that this is something that will become effective from the month following the one in which we make the modification to our account. But of course, we must bear in mind that there will also be some changes.

At first it is important to know that equally we will have access to all the contents that Netflix hosts at the time. There will be no change, which perhaps for many is fundamental. However, now we can only play these videos on a single screen simultaneously. At the same time, the maximum quality that we will find will be HD at 720p. In spite of everything, it is possible that this reduction of privileges does not affect many of them in the least, so they will continue to enjoy all the contents of Netflix paying less than half.

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