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Nilait is the new television brand that was born under the umbrella of PcComponentes. The reference store in Murcia on the Internet is launched with a line of seven models ranging from 32 to 55 inches and they are betting on quite aggressive prices.

With Nilait, PcComponentes seeks to capture two of the main distinguishing features of its DNA: commitment to quality and affordable prices. Thus, the new televisions combine specifications with adjusted prices thanks to a range that goes from 157.99 to 379.99 euros, depending on their characteristics and dimensions. And to bring its new brand even closer to its customers, PcComponentes has enabled special discounts of up to 15%.

The new Nilait televisions from PcComponentes have a LED screen with Direct LED backlight technology, and offer a screen resolution of up to 4K Ultra HD. In addition, models with smart features are reinforced by the Android TV operating system. Specifically, the range includes the following models:

  • Nilait Prism 32HA5001N: 32 inches, HD Ready and recommended price of 157.99 euros.
  • Nilait Prism 32HA5001S: 32 inches, HD Ready, Android TV and recommended price of 179.99 euros.
  • Nilait Prism 40FA5001N: 40 inches, Full HD and recommended price of 219.99 euros.
  • Nilait Prism 40FA5001S: 40 inches, Full HD, Android TV and recommended price of 239.99 euros.
  • Nilait Prism 43UA5001S: 43 inches, 4K Ultra HD, Android TV and recommended price of 289.99 euros.
  • Nilait Prism 50UA5001S: 50 inches, 4K Ultra HD, Android TV and recommended price of 348 euros.
  • Nilait Prism 55UA5001S: 55 inches, 4K Ultra HD, Android TV and recommended price of 379.99 euros.

Own brands, business opportunity

Nilait is not the first own brand to launch PcComponentes. The Murcian store has a whole range of PCCom gaming where users can find specialized devices. Also accessories from Forgeon, Tempest or Owlotech brands.

If we go into the field of computing, we can find Alurin laptops. And in the area of ​​household appliances are Origial and Kilawea.

And it is that entering the field of own brands is nothing new in retail. Vendors, including many of the technology wholesalers in our country, have discovered the advantages of having their own range in those product lines with higher volumes. An opportunity to control the entire marketing process and exploit the margins that are usually reduced in accessories or peripherals.

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