Corsair updates its family of RAM memories to the DDR5 standard

As the performance and capabilities of modern CPUs continue to increase, so do the demands on our system to keep up and take full advantage of its potential. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait for Corsair Announces New DDR5 Memory Arrivals, with the upgrade of its main family of memories to these new modules for much higher frequencies, greater capacities and faster performance.

Reaching speeds of up to 5200 MHz and capacities of up to 32 GB per module, the new DDR5 push the performance limit further than ever before alongside next-gen platforms like the newly introduced 12th Gen Intel Core processors and Z690 motherboards.

Starting with the new Vengeance DDR5, these new memories offer us the basic benefits of the new standard, with a discreet aesthetic in a compact form factor and with little headroom that guarantees compatibility with almost any construction, plus a heat sink of Solid aluminum in each module efficiently conducts heat away from your memory to keep it performing at its best.

An aesthetic that will be greatly expanded in the case of the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5, clad with 12 ultra-bright, individually addressable CAPELLIX LEDs per module, along with a forged aluminum construction, precision die-casting and anodization to complete its sleek and elegant appearance. high. Additionally, making use of the proprietary Corsair DHX proprietary cooling design, these memories are capable of delivering exceptional performance even when pushed to the limit.

So both DDR5 memory families are built with only carefully hand-selected memory chips to ensure consistent high-frequency performance with aggressive timing options, along with a high-performance PCB for excellent signal quality and stability.

Currently new Corsair DDR5 memories are now available Through the official website of the brand, as well as in the usual retailers and distributors, with prices and initial packs that will start from 299.99 euros for the Vengeance DDR5, or the 324.99 euros for the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5. In addition, like all Corsair memories, they will be backed by a limited lifetime warranty, along with the company’s worldwide network of customer service and technical support.

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